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How Can I Get Involved In My Child’s Pre-School/Nursery?

If you want to get more involved, then let the staff know. They may value offers of help, any particular skills that you have, and your time.

Some pre-schools and nurseries will have regular parents’ meetings and social events as well as children’s activities to which parents are invited (the annual carol service, nativity or other play might have you shedding a few tears!).

Before OFSTED make their regular inspections, they give parents questionnaires that ask for your views on a number of questions about the nursery school or pre-school provider. This is one opportunity to give your opinions.

Home–school agreements

Nursery schools might ask you to sign a home–school agreement that sets out what they expect from you and what you can expect from them. You do not have to sign it, but it’s worth reading it carefully so that you understand what the school believes are your responsibilities. Private nurseries might ask you to sign a similar contract or letter.

What can I do to help in pre-school/nursery?

You might be able to become involved with the management committee or governing body of your child’s nursery. Some nurseries may also have Parent Representatives. Being a Parent Representative could be a useful way of getting to know other parents and children in the nursery as well as the staff.

You could be asked to go in to nursery to tell stories, read or cook with the children or to demonstrate any other particular skill or talent you have. Many nurseries and playgroups welcome and encourage parental involvement.

You might also be asked to contribute your time and/or skills in fund-raising projects.