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How Do I Know How My Child Is Doing?

There aren’t any tests at this stage but your child will be assessed at the end of the Foundation stage and what’s known as the ‘Foundation Stage Profile’ will be drawn up. It covers all 6 areas of learning and is based on the teacher’s observation of your child through the Reception year.

You can talk to staff about your child’s progress and any concerns that you might have.


The pre-school or nursery might contact you by phone, text, email or letter. Some letters will be translated if necessary. There might also be a named person who will contact you, perhaps a member of staff who is bilingual or has expertise in issues relating to Black and Minority Ethnic or Gypsy/Roma/Traveller communities. You can also take the opportunity to talk to staff when you drop your child off or pick him/her up.

Some nurseries produce regular newsletters to let parents know what’s going on.