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How Will My Child Be Taught?

Most of your child’s learning in pre-school or nursery school will be in the form of games or play, activities that are designed to be fun but also to help him/her learn to listen, concentrate and co-operate with other children. He/she will also learn specific skills like using a pencil, scissors or glue. Children also listen to stories and rhymes and talk about their own experiences. They’ll learn to write their own names. They may dance and play musical instruments. They may bake, make models, grow plants or look after pets.

Some childcare providers have bilingual workers who can help children (and parents) whose first language is not English.

English as an Additional Language

Some children need to learn English as an additional language in pre-school or nursery school. They should be given extra help such as, for example, help from bilingual teaching assistants or dual-language books to read.