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What Happens In Pre-School/ Nursery?

The pre-school/nursery year

Some providers offer half-day sessions for a number of weeks in the year. State-funded nursery classes and schools are likely to be closed for school holidays. They may also have staff training – or ‘inset’ – days when teachers need to be in school but children do not. You may therefore need to look for other care for those times. Private day nurseries may offer full-time care throughout the year.


School meals have recently been in the news and schools now try to make sure that children can get a healthy meal at lunchtime. If your child will be attending full-time, you may want to discuss with staff the types of menus available and whether they are suitable for your religious or cultural needs. Some parents give their children a packed lunch.


Some nurseries – though by no means all – have a uniform for daily wear.

Behaviour and Discipline

You may think that discipline will not be an issue at this age but even young children may have behavioural problems that affect other children. They are still learning to interact with others, so they may not have learned boundaries. Staff will be experienced in dealing with hitting, biting or temper tantrums. When you choose a nursery or childcare, you need to ask about how discipline is handled. What kinds of issues arise and how are they dealt with? Who is responsible for behaviour and how will any difficulties be communicated to you?

Physical punishment is not allowed.