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What If I Have Concerns About My Child’s Pre-School/Nursery?

If you’re not happy with the care your child receives, try talking to the carer first of all. Try to remain calm and to listen carefully to the response you receive. Take a friend with you if you need support and try to agree what action will be taken by the pre-school or nursery. If the action is not taken or doesn’t solve the problem, then try talking to whoever is in charge of the pre-school or nursery. If you’re not satisfied, you may want to look for alternative childcare.

If the matter is serious and you believe that the pre-school or nursery is not meeting the necessary standards, you can make a complaint directly to OFSTED’s Early Years Complaints Helpline on 0845 601 4772 and they will investigate. However, they will not usually get involved in complaints about fees and contractual arrangements.