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How Do I Know Who My Child Is Doing? - KS4


Staff regularly assess students and should keep you informed of any concerns they have. If you have your own worries about how your child is progressing, then it's important to go into school to talk to either his/her head of year or class teacher. You can talk about how the school might be able to help your child or what you might be able to do outside of school.


You will get a report showing what examinations your child has been entered for and what grades they are expected to achieve. After the exams, you'll get Information about the attainments of all pupils of the same age in the school and nationally.


The school might contact you by phone, text, email or letter. Some letters might be translated. There may also be a named person who will contact you, perhaps a member of staff who is bilingual or has expertise in areas relating to Black and Minority Ethnic or Gypsy/Roma/Traveller communities.

You'll probably find, though, that face-to-face communication with school staff is much less than before. Remember that you can contact the school and arrange to see a member of staff if you need information or have concerns about your child. Now that your child is approaching school-leaving age and will be taking a number of exams, it's even more important to keep in touch with his/her teachers.