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What Do I Do During School Holidays? - KS4

There are likely to be holiday playschemes in your area. They may be organised by the council, community groups, churches or privately. You might find, though, that your child no longer wants to go to local playschemes. You will have to make decisions about how much time your child can spend alone or with friends. Do you know what he/she will be doing, where she'll be going and with whom?Many London boroughs organise a ‘Summer University' in the summer holidays. Students can take a range of courses such as Film-making, Web-design, Dance, Drama, Song-Writing, DJ-ing, Fashion as well as academic and work-related courses. The range is enormous and most children will find something of interest.

Many of the courses are free of charge or cost very little. In other parts of the country holiday activities might be organised by the local authority or by private groups.

Some churches, mosques, temples and community centres also organise activities during holidays.

The Break Out website gives ideas and information on activities for children aged 5 to 14 after school and during the holidays. Many of them are government funded and are, therefore, subsidised or free.